3 Essentials for the Growth of Small Businesses

You are tired of sitting in the bleachers and watching the world take off without you. You know all the movers and shakers by name and titles, but you are just a spectator. Finally you decide to step into the deep waters and take the bull by the horns.

You are now starting a small business and words like ‘break-even analysis’ and ‘portfolios’ don’t make a lot of sense to you. All you know is that you want your money to multiply and your business to be in the Forbes magazine or compete   on the same platform with the top Toronto SEO company. So how do you do it?

 Truth is, there is no perfect recipe for that, the business world is dynamic and somewhat unpredictable. These three essentials though, will help you sail through and grow fast.

Growth of Small Businesses

  1. Build a solid foundation

This is not the brick and mortar foundation. Those are being phased out by technology. Instead, build a system that is weather proof. Make sure that you have clear goals and strategies that will motivate you even in the storm.

Hire the right employees .Not the kind of people who don’t care but those who are accountable and share in your dream. You can also motivate them regularly and be a good leader in order to build a good working culture.

 Your suppliers should be reliable, accountable and discipline. The channels you choose to reach your clients and deliver products should be solid and efficient. Having all this in place will task you a bit but it is worth the while. Once your system can stand, then your small business is ready to go up the ladder.

  1. 2. Have a strong and Quality brand

You are psyched up, right? Please don’t be like many businesses flooding the market with bogus products. Make a product that is high enough in quality to speak for itself .Make sure that your product solves problems in the market, inspires people and transforms the society.

A high quality brand will create loyalty from your clients and build a solid reputation for your businesses. The best way to do this is to ensure that it meets the clients’ needs and surpasses their expectations. You will only do this by using feedback to your advantage. Since there wouldn’t be a business without a product, make yours bold and visible. This includes packaging, it is not only about the ingredients. Image sells.

  1. Strong Online presence

You cannot separate growth from marketing. It is the back bone of profitability and stability. The next time you see a CEO smiling while reading the quarterly financials, don’t be tricked to think the business terrain is smooth. It takes constant flexing and adapting to changing times to remain relevant. For this to happen, make the internet your friend.

 In 2017, almost everyone is online. That is the best place to market your product and get feedback. Start by having a blog on your business website. This is the best way to create traffic by creating posts using search engine optimization tricks. This will in turn attract clients.

If you play your cards right, the returns will match the numbers. Other platforms are personalized social media presence, email marketing and mobile phone marketing. These tools will help you to target a specific audience and pitch your product.

How many times have you watched a video on YouTube? So has everyone else. Use this to your advantage and sell your product using videos.


It is easy to get lost in the business world but with a good staircase, you can climb your way up easily. These essentials are simple but they get most of the work done. Try them out and see you on the other side of history.