5 Ways A Restaurant Point of Sale Software Can Boost Efficiency

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to make their businesses more well-organized and streamlined, and that business savvy is extremely important in the restaurant industry. Fattmerchant ensures efficiency by providing a point of sale software that comes in a variety of forms. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 5 ways restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software can boost your business’s efficiency.

#5: Say Goodbye to the Middleman

Fattmerchant gives you the cost of credit card processing without the ancillary fees or confusing markups. Middlemen are notoriously inefficient and they tend to slow everything down simply by the virtue of them being an extra step in a process. Another issue with middlemen is that they profit an unfair amount off of customers’ success, especially in the case of the restaurant business.


#4:  Transparency

When it comes to business, one of the main ways to stay afloat is through transparency in both the products you provide and the products you consume. There doesn’t need to be a constant tussle between clients and merchant providers, where the latter attempts to sneak fees past the former, who is just trying to make sure their checkout runs as smooth as possible. A major efficiency-killer is this dichotomy; if clients are always looking over their shoulder for hidden fees and aren’t granted a simple, uncomplicated agreement with their merchant; their business is going to have an added inconvenience that no one wants to deal with. Fattmerchant is subscription-based, no contract, and gives its clients unfettered access to the true cost of processing credit cards. The statement you receive is easy to read and simple to comprehend. There won’t be any extra time spent puzzling over minutiae.

#3: Smart Terminals Mean Faster Shopping

When you’re operating a business, you want people in and out. Long lines and backed-up services are the opposite of efficiency. Companies, such as Fattmerchant ( ), offers EMV “Smart Terminals,” aptly named because they support all different types of cards and have a fast printing system. The modem is high-speed as well. It will help keep card processing moving at a fast pace, allowing you to generate profit without stagnancy (customers will like it too—there won’t be a wait for them either).

#2: Data Compilation is Easier

Being able to set recurring transactions and compile data on your business is a vitally important part of maintaining a well-ordered and high-functioning company. However, bending over backward to keep the books in order takes way too much time and effort on your part, especially since it isn’t necessary. Fattmerchant’s virtual terminal is easy-to-use and will quickly assemble data and customer information at your request. It doesn’t require additional software, and settlements and deposits are put through at the click of a button and show up quickly. This reduction in time and labor means that the time you previously spent intensively laboring over data collection can be spent managing other tasks.

#1: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it comes down to profit (as well as consumer satisfaction). Businesses are out to make their customers happy and have a profitable bottom line, two things that don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Other merchant providers take a chunk from your profit that is unfairly high because of needless fees and hidden expenses. Fattmerchant will save you over 40% on credit card processing in comparison with other merchant providers. You’ll spend twice as much with other processing companies and three times as much with banks.

These are just five of the many ways restaurant point-of-sale software can boost efficiency for your business and keep costs at a minimum. POS software, without the middlemen, ancillary fees, markups, and other add-ons, allows you to jump through as few hoops as possible and focus on making revenue and running your business as smoothly as possible.

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