60 Seconds Binary Options Strategies Without Indicators

Many readers prefer prompt from indicators, there is strategies, where you don’t need this prompts. Player just need to draw trend line, and when this line will make triple bounce, trade is started.

On picture you can see in details, when deal is made on purchase Put.

Also option with addition on the same graph of lower trend line is very interesting. It called wedge pattern (graphic). On market you can see this situation very seldom, that’s why you need necessary use it. Waiting for the final formation of the wedge (around 3 waves) and when curve strikes top and lower trend lines, you can open bet.

60 Seconds Binary Options Strategies Without Indicators

Other strategies for 60 seconds binary options

Many strategies suitable for very short-dated options, which have term of expiration – 1 minute. But there are several methods, which will unwarrantable. For example, hedging method (insurance). It essence is purchase “safety” option on another market to minimize losses. But it more suitable for Forex, but not for binary options. Here price can change very sharp and can bringing losses for both deals.

Strategy of support/resistance. This level give most precise signals about price movement. It’s lines within which price move. The levels are put on tops of candless. Option is bought, according rebound of level – and only on third candle (first candle is signal, second is confirmation, third – command to purchase 60 second options).

A little bit of disadvantages

60 seconds binary options are most risky. Even if you will use clever strategy, indicators, can be very difficult to guess exact movement of market, because a lot of factors influence on it. Chance to be in minus is very high.

Positive points 60 seconds binary options

  • Easy trade.
  • It’s true, that you can trade almost in any session by minute binary options.
  • For analysis enough just to take hourly graph, determine main trend and trade according signals M5-M15.
  • Big quantity of deals.
  • If working with 30 minutes – 1 hour period of expiration, you will make from 5 until 10 transactions in a day, but with 60 seconds binary options you can make 40-50 in one hour.
  • If you will use Martingale method, profit will grow in several dozen.
  • Very big selection of tools and platform for trade.
  • Now almost every broker offers minute option trade. In addition traders who trade by short-dated binary options are often given profitable conditions, for example, a higher bonus, no commission and assets that can be unavailable at regular options.

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