8 Tips on How to De-stress At Work

Even though it brings food to the table, a 9-5 work schedule is tough. From beating deadlines to dealing with annoying colleagues and bosses, you can easily lose your good side during the day. Plus, some tasks are just mind-wrecking.

We all go through the motions. To have good days as you advance in your career and for you not to sign an auto accident report form, you should do the following to de-stress:

De-stress At Work

  1. Start with the tough things first

There is always that one complicated task you dread. Instead of pushing it to the end of your to-do list, let it come first. You will have more energy to tackle it and knowing that a challenge is out of your way is relaxing and makes you look forward to finishing everything else.

  1. Bring a snack along

Always keep a bag of non-perishable protein bars, nuts, dried fruits or pretzels along with your spill-proof coffee cup with your favorite brew. This is important because fueling up in the day prevents you from getting tired and cranky because of low blood sugar levels.

When you have enough blood sugar going around, you will be less stressed. Besides, you need to fuel up to get through tough tasks, and lunches/ dinners are too far apart.

  1. Get a head start

Are you habitually late? How about you shake things up a little: instead of walking in after everyone else, get to work before everyone else. You will feel less rushed, and you will complete early, and you won’t feel too stressed up in the day.

  • Set aside 10-minutes for worrying

You are probably wondering, ‘why would anyone do that?’, Well, it helps you confront and evaluate your worries. By taking a few minutes away from the chaos and asking yourself what your biggest worry is, you get a better perspective of things and realize that your worst case scenario that keeps replaying in your mind won’t happen. After those 10 minutes elapse, you will realize that your load lightens and work feels less stressful.

  1. Give yourself some credit

How many times do you praise yourself for a job well-done? Well, praising yourself in your office, in your special way gives you a burst of energy and confidence. That will help you maneuver the workplace madness with peace.

  1. Stretch

If your work makes you sedentary, you should stretch often to relax your muscles and to improve circulation. Stretching for 30 seconds will reduce your risk of developing blood clots for sitting in one position for a long time.

  1. Manage your emails

Don’t let your email overflow. If you can, dedicate a few minutes to reading and replying to emails. Keeping your email organized will make you relax. Also, if an email conversation is taking long to be finalized because of confusion, just call the person on the other end for clarification. That will save you time.

  1. Socialize with your colleagues

You can organize weekly or fortnightly gatherings for brainstorming, resolving work issues and connecting. This enhances your productivity and improves your relationships. You can congregate at the water cooler daily if you are up to it.

  1. Breathe

Breathing opens your lungs and helps in calming your mind. Just ten deep breaths will do the trick. You should learn to breathe when you feel overwhelmed or when stressed out.

Other de-stressing tricks include listening to mood-boosting music, get a quick massage, and remind yourself why.