Avoid the Expense of Commercial Kitchen Replacement

Setting up a commercial kitchen is a huge investment and one you don’t want to repeat on a regular basis. It therefore is essential that you seek advice and do extensive research to ensure you work with a company that can deliver the service you require. From choosing the right equipment to perfecting the design and layout of your kitchen there are so many aspects that need to be right. Often the suppliers will have their own installation team which saves you the added job of trying to source a reliable company. Their installers will not only be used to working with the brands they stock therefore will know the product well, they will be able to offer advice on how to get the most out of your products. Choosing a company that provide an adequate after sales service is vital and ensuring you have a regular service schedule set up will help prolong the life of your kitchen equipment and will also help reduce running costs as machines will operate at their optimum level.


Regular Ventilation Cleaning One area that will incur the largest expense in a commercial kitchen is ventilation. A well designed ventilation system needs to comply with all statutory regulations including fire, health and safety. These will not only apply to the design and installation of your ventilation system but also its maintenance and servicing. The system needs to extract fumes, vapors and heat to be discharged to a safe external area as well as providing general ventilation throughout the kitchen. Insurance companies are now beginning to insist on regular cleaning of ventilation systems as a fire prevention measure. Regular servicing and deep cleaning of your ventilation system will prolong its life and will ensure improved air quality and temperature control.

Try a Kitchen Deep Clean If you have reached the stage when you feel your existing kitchen is no longer handling the work you need to do then you may be faced with the decision to install a new one. The cost of replacing a full commercial kitchen will have a huge effect on any business. Are you sure you really need to undertake this work? Perhaps you only need to replace certain items or get your equipment serviced instead? Before making the decision you need to assess what works well and what doesn’t.

A good place to start is to have a kitchen deep clean. This is not just an ordinary kitchen clean but will cover equipment (hot and cold), ventilation canopies, filters and ductwork as well as the usual walls, ceilings, floors, worktops and sinks. When all the excess grease and debris has been removed you will be able to see how well your equipment is running and this will give you a strong indication of items that need to be replaced.

Change that Filter Perhaps you should also consider setting up a regular filter exchange. A service that is offered by experienced professionals who will save you the extra job of remembering when you last replaced your grease filters. These specialist technicians will ensure your filter is cleaned and stored for the next replacement ensuring your filters are never put through the dishwasher preventing damage to both the filter and the machine.

All of these measures will ensure optimum performance from your commercial kitchen. Even the life of the busiest commercial kitchens will be extended by regular deep cleans, ventilation cleans, filter cleaning, maintenance and servicing. Putting these systems in place will reduce running costs as well as reducing the need for a new kitchen in the future.

Written by Karen James, Business Owner, Cleaning Industry Expert and prolific writer for Bright Hygiene and other business sectors

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