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Cleanup Services After Water Damage

Broken or leaking pipes can cause big problems in your house or yard. It not only creates water flooding but also makes structural damage. Burst pipes are always an unpleasant and hectic incident which not only increase your bills but tension too. There are many reasons of bursting water pipes in a building and you should know their source before hiring a plumber.

Corrosion or rust

In older buildings, the water pipes get rusty and corrode with constant usage. Outdated material like steel is the reason too. Replacement of water pipes and regular maintenance is the best solution in old homes.

Cleanup Services After Water Damage

Tree roots

Tree roots are another common reason of broken pipes. Tree roots grow naturally towards moisture and wrap them around cracked pipes, bursting them as a result. Most of the underground broken pipes are not visible and hard figure the damage.

Collapsed pipes

Environmental changes damage the pipe lines and break them. If a construction is in progress near your home, the soil shift weight on pipes and weaken them to collapse. You must inform the construction contractor of your sewer and water lines.

Frozen pipes

Cold weather causes the pipes to freeze and because of pressure inside the pipes can cause pipes to burst inside and outside the walls and create flooding. To prevent from bursting, maintain the temperature enough to stay above the freezing point.

You must not ignore leaking pipes because they not only cause staining on walls, mold growth, poor water pressure, flooding and as a result burst inside the walls or under the floor. If you experience these malfunctions, do not ignore and immediately call plumber for repair. Wasting time may increase the efforts, damage and costs. Dealing with the problem in the beginning may make it more affordable for you.

When a pipe burst, it causes flooding in your house or work place in the form of hundreds of gallons water. It is crucial to act immediately and call for help for cleanup from broken pipe floods in the affected area, to prevent damaging your possessions.

Before the help arrives from cleanup services you must do some things to prevent further damage and water loss. You must shut off the main water supply valve to stop water. You must be aware of location of main shutoff valve for quick action. Remove your things from wet area to dry place to avoid more damage.

After the cleanup service arrives, they remove the furniture and other objects to vacant the affected area. Now the pros start removing water from area with the help of industrial extractors and air movers. They completely dry your place to avoid mold growth and for complete drying out they use blowers and industrial strength dryers. They identify the problem and quickly work to solve and repair it. After the place is completely dried and sanitized, they can start the process of restoration of the structure if required. If the pipes are inside the walls, they may need replacement of pipe and reconstruction and repaint of walls and ceiling. Carpets and mats may need cleaning or replacement.