David Giunta’s Different Aspects Of Interests

David Giunta, one of the most proficient persons in investment management in the US, at present serves as the chief executive officer of a firm known as Black Plum.  Apart from this, he is also a managing member of real estate investments in the same. It is located in LLC in Newport Beach, located in California.  He is the key person behind all sorts of investment activities of the firm, These include a various aspects, from fully entitled home developments to fully operational apartment communities. The main objective of him, as a professional working for the company, is on acquisitions of income-producing properties. The price niche is $5M- $10M. Not to mention, he I a person of great professionalism and tackles the situation with utmost dexterity.

David Giunta’s Different Aspects Of Interests

David Giunta, as the founder of Black Plum, has spent nearly 25 years in finance sector, managing a diverse array of areas. He has also worked in a number of occasions in the private investment fund management, securities, investment advisory and real estate industries. He is in the industry for 25 years and  he has gained a lot of experience which are assets to the company. He has held prestigious positions in the industry. These are CPA, CEO of an SEC registered investment adviser, Real Estate Broker, President and the very prestigious, FINOP (financial operations principal) of an NASD securities broker dealer.

Mr. Giunta began his career as a certified public accountant (CPA) in a firm known as Arthu Andersen in Irvine. It was here from which he started. In this positionhe served well as a specialist in auditing services for Fortune 500 companies. Later , he joined the Ohio University. From there he became a specialised professional in business accounting with pre law.
There are a number of other aspects related to him. He was a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants. While he was in this position, he had a lot of aptitude and serves as a board member of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. He was really dedicated in serving the community.

He has interest in sports also. So, he serves as a volunteer for Spirit League and here he is the head basketball coach, training his son as well as other children with special needs. He is also associated with social work. He serves a number of poor families. He takes care of them and provides them with clothing, and other necessities.

He has a good profile overall. Apart from his excellence in finance, he has an aptitude in social service as well. There are a number of reasons why he is so popular. Apart from the social aspects, he is interested in sports. He supports people with special needs. And the real reason is the success he has brought to the company. He is the major source of instruction and guides the company well. Being in the industry for a pretty long time, he is a seasoned personnel, and this makes it possible for him to provide ownership to the company.