Follow These 7 Tips To Move From A Low-Quality Sales Person Into A Top Seller

Low-Quality Sales Person

80% of sales are made by only 8% of sales professionals.

In a nutshell, successful sales people seek and add value to their consumers. They offer innovative solutions to their consumer’s challenges. These competent salespeople ensure they get in touch with almost all the people who impact positively on the results of their sale, and combine their sales procedures to their consumers’ buying process. Here are things you need to polish as a low sales person to become a top seller:

Listening Skills

  1. Listening Skills

You might be skilled regarding asking all the bright sales questions in the world, but if you don’t have the skills to listen to the person on the other end of the phone; you might just be wasting precious time and squandering glorious sales opportunities. Listening skills mean disregarding any noise and actually listening to what the customer is saying. It implies asking politely for clarification in case you missed the point from the conversation.

A good listener doesn’t multitask during conversation with a prospect, meaning you shouldn’t key in any notes into your computer, send or receive emails or do anything distractive. After listening attentively, ensure you respond accordingly. The most surefire way to convince a prospective client that you have gathered what he/she said is to recap the main items and register interest in them.

Rapport Building

  1. Rapport Building

Although technology has taken things to the next level, developing rapport with your prospective clients is still as important because products or services do not often sell themselves. Rapport building means connecting with prospective clients. Rapport building doesn’t mean you go the extreme of talking about a photo on the desk or a special wall hanging. That approach is out of touch these days.

What you need to do is get under customer’s’ skin by understanding the troubles they are facing with their businesses. For instance, if a client is experiencing downtime in his business brought about by shifts in markets, you should be in a position to converse with the customer about the trouble intelligently. When done correctly, you are building a rapport with the client and exhibiting yourself as a professional.

Another way to build rapport is by mapping out the objective of your sales phone call, ascertaining the allotted time and then winding up early enough. No prospective client will ever complain of a meeting winding up early.

Handling Objections

  1. Handling Objections

Objections are part and parcel of any marketing campaign. However, the manner in which you respond to the objections can define your success or failure at converting a lead. Firstly, it’s vital to underscore the objections that are most prevalent. The next step is to ascertain the most suitable disproof. However, before responding to any objection, do the following:

Sympathize: You have to verbally say that you comprehend and respect the customer’s concern.

Clarify: Paraphrase the objection so that you get it’s clear picture and make the customer get the idea.

Ask Permission: Ask permission from the client to provide solution to his problem.

By adhering to these guidelines, you will notice that a lot of people will want to listen to your solution.


  1. Persistence

Persistence is what most newbie sales people lack, and they drop out before they even hit their first sale. Long-term success needs persistence and lots of it. But there is a thick line between persistence and stalking. Persistence simply means looking for innovative ways to make yourself linger in the customer’s mind. It also means not letting any ”NO” be the cause of you giving up in pursuing legitimate opportunities. Persistence means not shying away from asking questions if the prospective customer is going in the other direction.

Immaculate Organizational skills

  1. Immaculate Organizational skills

To be successful in your marketing campaigns, you need to draw up an ambitious plan. That means you need to organize yourself. You should be in a position to draw up a timetable for your daily, weekly and monthly activities starting with the most important. You need to juggle the essence of time, because it is impractical to complete all the activities required in a single day. This encompasses having more airtime with high-value clients as opposed to low-value ones. It’s not about spending more time on things you enjoy doing.

Remarkable Presentation Skills

  1. Remarkable Presentation Skills

The quality of your presentation will also determine whether you nail down a prospect. Consider the following factors in your presentation:

Content: Many sales people incorporate a lot and unnecessary information in their presentations. They begin the presentations by highlighting the company instead of the customer’s situation. The golden rule of thumb is to stick to aspects that affect the customer.

Verbal Presentation: Look at your space, your timing, and the real delivery. If the potential customer means something to you, then you’ll go the extra mile to rehearse the presentation just to deliver a fine-tuned product. Work on your body language, facial expressions, and posture.

The effective way to fine-tune your presentation skills is to videotape yourself and watch it later. Most people hate to watch themselves on video, but it will go a long way towards helping you iron out wrinkles in your presentation.

You need to be focused

  1. You need to be focused

Most salespeople do not make it because they succumb to multitude of distractions along the way, for example, calls, emails, paperwork, text messages, traffic, and other personal problems. You must keep your eyes on the price all the time. Being focused is the difference between success and failure.

Competition in today’s sales demographic is fast and cutthroat that it needs enormous energy and effort investment. But the formula is pretty simple, just read the tips above and implement them duly. You will find that your sales campaigns are running smoothly and leads are converting in record time.