How do Non-Profits Accept Credit Card with Our Large Processing Fees?

It is no secret that non-profits try to cut costs whenever they can. Funds and donations are limited at times and can be hard to come by, so these businesses must be very smart about how the money is spent. So, it might be surprising to learn that non-profits can utilize credit card processing services in order to keep up with the changing times. Here are some ways non-profits can begin accepting credit cards in spite of large processing fees.

Cutting Costs

Accepting credit cards will allow your non-profit to accept donations in other forms besides cash or checks. This makes it much more convenient for donors to make donations, which could increase the amount of donations you actually receive! Also, using credit card machines allows more time for other tasks, since credit card payments are a more quick and effortless way to accept payment besides doing all that paperwork for cash and check payments.

Non-Profits Accept Credit Card

Price Protection and No Contracts

Merchant Solutions offers all customer’s price protection and no contracts are involved with any of the services. This is in order to allow businesses to receive the credit card processing services no matter their budget or size.

Free Setup and Equipment

The company also offers free setup with the most advanced systems and technology available in the industry. An experienced technician will set your business up with a personalized system and equipment to meet your business needs. They also offer free credit card machines! This is an excellent benefit for non-profit businesses that need to cut costs where they can. Combine all of that with the affordable wholesale rates and you can’t find a better deal out there!

With all of these affordable options and free setup and equipment that is available from Merchant Account Solutions, your non-profit can easily join the rest of the business world in accepting credit cards by offsetting some costs in regard to the large processing fees.