Know more about Brandon Steven

If you search on the internet for the person like Brandon Steven than you will find him very much because he is the famous person that deals in automobiles and all over the world the people that are dealing in automobile line are very much know this person. Form his childhood he was interested in doing business and was very much loved cars. When he was 11 he started doing the business with his younger brother Johnny Stevens and the business that he started was the snow remover in which they used to remove the snow from the road and make the way for the car to go. This small business that he starts was just at the age of 11 and at that time he was going to school and after that he join the high school and have this work to his younger brother and in high school he started doing new kind of business that was the catching the pigeons and sell them to the hunters and these hunter used them for training their dog and also practice their shooting.


At the age of 17 he started working in the car automobiles and at that time he was still in high school and there he made him very confident in buying and selling the cars but his father Rod Steven Sr. was not satisfied with his this kind of work and they come to know that he was not taking good interest in studies. His father sent to the place where his elder brother Rodney Steven was studying and that place was Southern Illinois University. Here he started paying attention towards his studies and came out with the bachelor degree of marketing. The very first thing that he did after got the degree was a buying the building in his local area where he was born and that place is Wichita and here this building location was made for the buying and selling the cars. He was very creative and took the benefit of his brother as he was a good sportsman he decided to open a health club that is having 24 branches all over the world today.

These both brothers were making good business out of these and their relationship in business build and both brother got famous and from here he got the idea for working parallel each other so that business that they are doing can have more boost and for that Brandon Steven expanded his car business that was buying and selling and to develop commercial real estate. On other side his elder brother Rodney started building up his health club. Today there are 24 branches of genesis health club. He started this business very next to the location that he bayed for the first time for buying and selling the cars. He is also very good hearted person that often donate the money to the trust that are making the living of the children that are not having parents.