Pitching Your Marketing Plan with an Online Presentation

Gone are the days when pitching your marketing plan had to involve a tedious process which featured a lot of preparation, research and analysis as well as the identification of the right target audience so that when your pitch comes out, it would hit the right codes.

Presently, there are a plethora of free presentation templates that has made it so simple for virtually anyone to pitch their marketing plans. With such templates, you get all the guidelines needed to make a successful online presentation.

They have taken away all the guesswork involved with the past methods and they have also reduced significantly the amount of time needed to prepare the presentation.


Whether or not you are using a marketing plan template to pitch online or offline, there are certain components which should never miss from the presentation. Though most of them will be prominently featured in some of the online free PowerPoint templates you might use, you should make it a point to double check and ensure that you have indeed captured them in your presentation.

Some of these key features include but are not limited to the following :

  • The vision and value proposition – when pitching your marketing plan with an online presentation, it is imperative that you include your vision and value proposition as you see it. This is what will give you the unique advantage over the rest and make your audience listen to what you have to say to them.
  • The problem – Any marketing plan template you come across will highlight for you the need to offer a solution. Essentially, your objective with the plan is to offer an amicable, and preferably a profitable, solution to an existing problem.
  • Target market and opportunity – Your marketing plan is geared to target a specific demographic niche in the market. It is essential to highlight this to your audience so that you don’t just market to anyone in the market. Being able to pinpoint your target market allows you to offer the most relevant marketing methods and solutions.
  • Design and presentation – When preparing your presentation, be sure to keep the message clear. Use short sentences to describe various points. These will be the bullets that you elaborate upon. Be sure to use some images and use some of the graphics provided by the template you chose.

Using a marketing plan template will greatly facilitate your task by laying down the basics and saving you a great amount of time (color palettes, images, chronology…) and allowing you to focus on what really counts ; your marketing plan!

Finding the right marketing plan template will set you on the right foot towards creating a compelling pitch for your marketing plan with an online presentation. The good news is that there are several places where you can get free presentation templates which will enable you have a great pitch without spending a lot of money.

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