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As your business grows and you hire more employees you’ll likely find that managing them all can be troublesome. You can hire employees just for management purposes, but then who will manage them and keep them on schedule? It’s an endless cycle. The only real solution is to find a source of scheduling and time management that doesn’t involve a purpose.

Thus, what you really need to help manage your employees is a program or application. Other savvy business owners have caught on to this idea and created various time scheduling and payroll apps just for this purpose. Some of them are really great and others are little more than a calendar with a price tag. Of all these apps, the Time Clock Wizard has proven itself to the be the best.


What Is The Time Clock Wizard?

The Time Clock Wizard is an app that is available for Apple and Android devices. It is already being used by hundreds of successful companies of all sorts and sizes. It works as a scheduling app, a time tracking app, a task manager, and a payroll reporting system. It can handle the workload of an entire team of dedicated staff members without costing even a fraction of their salary.

Unlike other similar apps that can only do one thing or another, the Time Clock Wizard manages to include all of the necessary features and functions you need to manage your employees. That’s why there are more fortune 500 companies relying on this app than any other of its kind.

What Makes This App So Great?

All of the benefits of this application are too numerous to cover in a single article, but we’ll mention some of them here. First and foremost, it’s time clock is completely free. You can try the app out for yourself without wasting a dime.

It might seem odd to put such an important function into an app rather than a program for the PC, but it has a purpose. All smartphones are equipped with GPS technology. Employees install this application on their device and are able to check in or be tracked at the appropriate times. You can know your employees are where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Another additional benefit that comes from using mobile devices is that they are all equipped with cameras these days. You can opt to require all employees to take snapshots when they are checking in, which is then combined with the GPS technology. You can also require snapshots of the work they are doing at any time. This is all to ensure they are on the job and doing what needs to be done.

Only The Tip Of The Iceberg.

There are plenty of additional features that make this app worthwhile. It has employee time tracking, advanced task management, payroll reporting, and scheduled clock-in points. You can customize business reimbursements via the application and monitor them all in real time. Save yourself the trouble of hiring a full-time staff for this type of work and rely on the Time Clock Wizard instead.

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