Silver As An Investment

Silver is no longer just considered a store of value, instead of a form of money. With the increasing demand for the indispensable metal and its considerably shrinking supply, investing in silver is a pretty sure bet for any potential investor.

Silver As An Investment

Why invest in silver

Just like gold, physical silver is both a hard and real asset (which does not depreciate) that has served as money over the centuries. Other reasons for investing in silver include:

  1. Affordability

Compared to gold, the lower price of silver makes it much more affordable for willing small investors. Thus silver would be considered more liquid. It makes it less hard for you to start off your investment plan.

  1. Wide industrial use.

The specific characteristics of silver allow it to work for or in different industrial sectors such as telecommunications, jewellery, energy and other essential technology sectors. Therefore, its demand is continuously increasing, making it a great investment plan.

  1. Volatility

Silver can quickly be sold off due to its lower price and the fact that it comes in small partitions. Therefore, you can easily find a buyer to buy one or two of your bars and still leave you with some left.

  1. Anticipated rise in price

Due to the increased volatility and consequent demand for silver, the cost of silver is expected to rise in the coming years. The percentage rise is higher than that for gold. That means much better returns in future. Moreover, the gold/silver ratio favours silver.

  1. Reduced risks involved.

Considering that there have been no previous incidences of silver confiscations, which unfortunately is the case with gold, investors can safely invest in silver with no fear of government confiscations.

  1. Safe haven

Silver, just like gold, is considered an option in case of economic crisis. Investors are thus rest assured their investment is safe even during inflation.

How to buy silver

You can purchase silver through silver exchange-traded funds, from trusted silver miners or as bullion coins and bars from certified vendors.

One such vendor is the Indigo Precious Metals.

Why buy silver at Indigo Precious Metals?

With its variety of silver bars ranging from as little as 250 grams to kilograms, Indigo Precious Metals offer great deals for their 999.9% pure silver bars while providing secure and wholly insured storage to safeguard your investment. Better yet, you can get the bars absolutely tax free if stored in their segregated vaults in Le Freeport, Singapore. IPM assures fully insured delivery all over the world.

Silver bars available for sale include:

  • 100 gram Silver Investment Bar
  • 250 gram Silver Investment Minted Bar
  • 500 gram Silver Investment Minted Bar
  • 1-kilo JBR branded, Cast Silver Bar – LBMA approved
  • 100 oz. Silver cast Bar
  • 100 oz. JBR stamped Silver Cast bar – LBMA approved
  • LBMA 15 x 1-kilo JBR Cast Silver Monster Box – LBMA Good Delivery
  • 10 oz. Silver Bar RCM.999 Fine

Feel free to view more product details, delivery and payment options on their website: