Talcum Powder Lawsuit – Protesting against Skin Cancer

The talcum powder lawsuit states the fact that talcum powder manufacturers failed to warn users against the risk associated with ovarian cancer that is caused due to the usage of talc-based products for personal hygiene usage.

Attorneys claim the fact that manufacturers are well aware of the link that exists between talc and ovarian cancer. However, talcum companies intentionally take the decision of not warning women that usage of talcum powder may lead towards cancer by simply entering into the vagina after its application into the genital area.


Why is Talcum Powder used?

Talcum powder, which is also known as the Baby Powder is a white powder that is primarily manufactured by including elements like silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. The fine grounding of talc helps a lot in reducing friction and absorbing moisture thus keeping the skin dry along with preventing rashes. It is widely used for reduction of diaper rash and reducing of odors in adults.

Side Effects of Talcum Powder

The most serious potential side effect associated with the usage of talcum powder has been observed in women. Yes, it is all about ovarian cancer that is caused due to theentering of the powder into ovaries through the vagina. As per International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, frequent usage of talcum powder on female genital area enhances the risk of ovarian cancer up to a certain extent.

More often a woman uses it on her genital area; the more likely she will be experiencing ovarian cancer. In addition, recent studies have found talcum powder in association with respiratory issues in infants as well! It is normally caused when the powder becomes airborne during its normal application.

When it is inhaled by infants, the powder may lead towards wheezing, shallow and fast breathing and coughing. It may also lead towards acute, chronic lung irritation. Long-term exposure to talcum may lead towards causing of asthma and pneumonia.

Talcum Products – Containing Asbestos

Talcum is usually comprised of various inorganic minerals. Prior to 1970s, some talcum products comprised of asbestos, a naturally occurringmineral, and carcinogen. Though they have been asbestos-free since time unlimited, researchers have noted thechemical similarity of talcum to asbestos.

Just like asbestos, talc is a silicate mineral that comprises of crystalline structure. When ingested, such minerals cause high-level irritation that leads towards chronic inflammation. It finally results in the formation of cancerous tumors.

Filing of Lawsuit against Talcum Powder

A large number of women have filed talcum powder lawsuit alleging that the failure of manufacturers to warn the users about the risk of ovarian cancer whenever they are used near genitals. Individuals are suing for damages related to heart rendering issues like:

  • High amount medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death and funeral expenses

But people who are part of the class action are suing only for recovery of the cost of product regardless of the existence of cancer diagnosis.

Attorneys – Carrying on their Pursuits

In case you have become the victim of cancer due to talcum powder, then it is high time to approach an attorney for successful filing of alawsuit against the company. Attorneys work exclusively on the basis of contingency-fee.

Attorneys get paid only if they become successful in resolving the case in a positiveway. In the situation the case resolves before going for trial, your attorney will receive a reasonable percentage as afee.