Ten questions You Must Ask before Auto Insurance

Orem Auto insurance coverage and quality of the service can differ largely among policies or companies. Choosing the cheapest policy can be heavy in your pocket if you are caught in an accident; while on the other hand, a fraudulent company can rob you of your hard earned money with heavy premiums and least coverage. Therefore, before you plunge into the world of insurance, ask yourself these questions to ensure that you fully comprehend what you are buying.


  1. What Type Of Coverage Will Suit Me Most?

Every state has its own requirements. In a majority of the states, auto insurance minimum liability is a must. The can further be classified into two broad categories; 1) Bodily injury liability (BI) and 2 Property damage liability (PD). In both cases, insurance pays only a certain amount.Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider collision and comprehensive car insurance policies.

  1. Do I Fall Under High-Risk Customers’ Category?

Companies have their own parameters for assessing risk. They consider age, gender, profession, place of living, driving record and claim history etc. First-time drivers are charged more. Similarly, persons with criminal records are also considered high-risk customers. The higher the risk the higher will be the premium.

  1. Who Else Will Be Covered Under My Policy?

If your vehicle is shared co-owned by your family/spouse/partner then you will have to buy extra coverage. Depending on the numbers of users, especially on the number of young or first-time users, the premium will be high considerably. Interestingly, the number of drivers with a clean driving record does not affect the premium much.

  1. How High Can Be My Deductibles?

In the event of an accident, you are bound to pay certain, pre-agreed upon amount towards repairing or medical expenses. This amount is called deductible. Rest of the amount is paid by insurance company. It sounds lucrative to have lesser deductibles so that in case you meet an accident, you will have to pay less. Nonetheless, having higher deductibles directly result in lower premiums. This strategy can help in huge savings over the time.

  1. How Can I Qualify For Discounts?

Your monthly premiums can be considerably low if you are eligible for certain discounts, so it is not a bad idea to ask your insurance agent or company for the details of the discounts for which you qualify. For example, if you are a student then apart from student discount, you can get the discount on your good grades as well. If you have taken extra safety measures for example installation of alarm or air bags in your vehicles, they can also be a reason good enough for an insurance company to give you a discount. There are several other ways to get discounts so it is quite sensible to talk to the insurance companies about all the discounts available or whether or not you qualify for multiple discounts straight away.

  1. How Can I Pay?

Car insurance is a huge monetary commitment.Therefore, coming up with a strategy to pay the premium regularly is very important. Insurance companies provide you the ease of various options for payments, annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly. Most people though adopt for monthly installments as it makes budgeting a bit easier and realistic. But at the same time, it makes annual expenses costlier. Therefore, if you can pay a premium in one go, it can automatically qualify you for a discount.  Orem auto Insurance companies also love such customers and almost all of them offer this discount instantly. So if you pay in one installment, it is beneficial for you.

  1. What Is The Impact Of My Car Value On Premium?

Calculation of your payable premium also depends on the value of your car in the eyes of your insurance provider. If you own or choose an expensive luxury car, the premium will definitely be higher. While at the same time, buying a second-hand car from an unreliable dealer could make it impossible to trace the origin of the car. In that case, car will not be insured at all. Things like these and many others should be kept in mind before getting quotes.

Getting a second-hand car from unauthorized dealer can make insurance process a headache for you

  1. Does Your Insurance Provider Processes Claim 24/7?

Timing in making a claim is vital.  Police reporting and informing your insurance company at the earliest possible is very important. So, if a company is closed on the weekend, it can put you in serious trouble. Realizing this many company now offer services 24/7 and claim to report via telephone calls. So when you are selecting an insurance company, make sure it is not closed on weekends.

9.Will I Get Replacement Parts From The Actual Manufacturer?

Most people expect their vehicle parts to be replaced with the original manufacturer’s if damaged in some accident. Though not always, but in most cases “aftermarket” parts that are much cheaper are used while repairing the vehicles after the damage. Therefore, first weigh the importance of source of replaced parts in your eyes then check with the insurance company before you settle for a deal.

  1. Can I Meet With The Company’s Representative in Person?

No doubt, a lot of interaction is being done online or telephonically but nothing can beat the satisfaction that comes with a face to face meeting. Hence, it is always good to see a company’s representative/agent in person and ask all the questions in your mind.

Once you have asked yourself and your prospective insurance providers all these questions and got the replies, the selection and exclusion process will be far easier and smooth.

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