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Things to Know about Chocolate Diamonds®

When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring or any other wedding jewelry, Chocolate Diamonds® stand out from the white and other colored diamonds. These diamonds are more pleasing and expensive from colorless diamonds. World’s renowned diamonds vendor ‘Le Vian’ named these brown colored diamonds as Chocolate Diamonds® and also obtained a trademark for them to provide their customers with high quality & genuine diamonds while generating interest and novelty in the diamonds industry.  Chocolate Diamond®

The term ‘Chocolate Diamonds®’ is a comparatively ingenious way to discuss brown colored diamonds and below is everything you may need to know about them.

What is Chocolate Diamond®?

As the name shows, these are brown colored diamonds and costs more than the normal colorless diamonds. The price tag for a normal Chocolate Diamond® rings usually ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. These diamonds stand out from the diamond family due to the exclusive color, clarity, and cut. These are gorgeous in appearance and fairly expensive compared to regular colorless diamonds as mentioned above.

Where are Chocolate Diamonds® from?

Countries including Australia, Brazil, Congo, Angola, and Borneo excavate Chocolate Diamonds® from the mines that may be brown in color. A huge amount of Chocolate Diamonds® is excavated from argyle mine located in Australia. These are widely used in different jewelry items like wedding ring set, engagement ring, Chocolate Diamond® rings, earrings and so on. Due to the value and commonality, the demand for Chocolate Diamonds® is significantly lowered than the normal diamonds.

How valuable are they?

The value and price of Chocolate Diamonds® are based on the clarity, cut and shine. A Chocolate Diamond® can cost you $1000 and you may also buy a clearer Chocolate Diamond® in $2000 or more. However, as more brown colored diamonds are introduced by the suppliers and sellers, the demand and value or Chocolate Diamonds® started decreasing.

Chocolate Diamonds® vs White Diamonds

As these diamonds are a bit expensive than colorless diamonds, the demand for Chocolate Diamonds® is very low at all of the places to buy diamonds jewelry (online or in stores). These are less prevalent among traditional brides due to the color as they usually prefer shiny colorless diamonds. The majority of the girls want to buy white diamonds for engagement or wedding but some of the classy girls look for the Chocolate Diamonds® to make their big day awesome by wearing beautiful brown colored diamonds.

Chocolate Diamond® Color Treatment

It is all about giving a brown color to a pure and transparent diamond to make them look like expensive Chocolate Diamonds®. There are many diamond sellers who sell color-treated diamonds by letting the customers know that they are original Chocolate Diamonds®. That is the reason, experts always suggest choosing a reliable diamond seller when it comes to making a bigger investment of your life. Most of the customers unaware of the color treatment and give the money in the wrong hands.

Benefits of a Chocolate Diamonds®

These diamonds are more valuable and expensive as well than colorless and other colored diamonds. diamonds sellers like Le Vian offer the guarantee of a genuine rich color and quality that attracts more customers. Moreover, the beautiful brown color of these diamonds allows the customers to personalize their engagement and wedding rings without going beyond the budget limits.