Tips for Managing Your Own Investments

Making well-judged investments is an excellent way to grow your capital, and has been the method of choice for the wealthy for generations. Unless you were from a financial background, it was traditional to engage a broker to deal with the investments on your behalf, but this system has seen some rapid changes in recent years. It’s now possible to take charge of your own investments and cut out the middleman if you wish to do so. The questions are, is this a wise course of action, and how do you get started?

Managing Your Own Investments

Stock markets

The nature of investing is that it comes with a degree of risk attached to it. The trick is to be able to predict which shares, stocks, and other markets are most likely to increase in value, and make your investment at the most opportune time. The skill involved is part science and economic understanding, but also partly beyond anyone’s control; hence the risk of investing in a company you believe is going to do well, only for the share values to drop and effectively wipe out your investment. If you’re prepared to take the risk and make the effort to understand the principles of dealing, you can sign up to online broker sites that deal with the technical side of the buying and selling, using robo-advisors for simple transactions and adding personal advice for more complex scenarios. This way you can control as much or as little of your trading as you wish, building your knowledge and your confidence, or alternatively, proving to yourself that this isn’t where your talents lie!


These decentralized forms of currency, the most well-known of which is Bitcoin, have been around for almost ten years now and have attracted a lot of interest and plenty of investors. The premise is simple, in that these currencies are designed to allow trading and payments that don’t involve the traditional banking systems. The blockchain technology on which these new currencies are based relies upon the ability of the system to record every transaction in an unalterable online ledger, that can be viewed but not changed by its users. To invest in cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to understand the technical complexities of such aspects as mining the blocks in the chain. There are trading platforms that will provide all the information you need on where to purchase Bitcoin and enable you to trade in the cryptocurrency market. You can also investigate the options in Bitcoin futures and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are currently being introduced.

Any investment carries some level of risk, but by buying and selling judiciously and opting for more secure investments to start with, you can build up your experience and confidence. If you find you have a taste for investing and the skills to undertake the trades for yourself, you could then look at the higher risk ventures. Remember, there are no guarantees for any investment so you need to be sure you can cover any loss, and if in doubt always refer to an experienced broker or financial advisor for assistance.