Tips to Design a More Useable Shopping Cart

The easier your shopping cart services are on your website, the more sales you are likely to make. When you make your shopping cart easy to use, fewer customers will abandon the cart before completing the sale. Here are tips to design a more usable shopping cart.

Make it Easy to Navigate

One of the main problems with shopping cart software is that it often is difficult to move back and forth through the process. In fact, surveys have shown that one of the top reasons people abandon a merchant shopping cart before checkout is difficulty trying to backtrack. Making sure customers can move forward and back through the online shopping cart is a key design element to have.


Accept a Variety of Payment Methods

To make your site’s ecommerce shopping cart software as usable as possible, it’s a good idea to have it accept as many payment options as possible. That should include debit and credit cards, online pay services such as PayPal and mobile wallet software.

Make it Interactive

If visitors to your website can ask questions without leaving their cart, you are likely to make more sales. If a customer has to leave the cart and go to a different screen to chat with a customer service rep, you are more likely to see the sale abandoned. Offering live chat within the shopping cart software will make it more user-friendly and also cut down on the level of abandonment you see, according to