Types of Locks Amaestramientos

Training-of-Locksmith comfort of open and close multiple doors with a single key, is highly demanded in the sector locksmith.

A service of training of locks proves to be a useful solution in communities, buildings, businesses or homes with multiple rooms or common spaces.

You can also have different keys and share spaces, as is the case of the communities or neighboring farms.


There are different types of amaestramientos, among them:

Training easy for portals: allows different openings, opening with a wrench amaestrada even when several people, have an own key. Commonly used in offices, businesses, industrial buildings, residential villas, common areas for opening doors, especially to be used in communities. This system facilitates the integration of several openings, prepared in a timely manner the cylinders and bobbins, to rotate with a similar mechanism and in this case, you can count with a master key.

Training for pooled areas: a more complex mechanism that allows you to open multiple portals or areas, as can be the case of the gardens or garages. The owners agree with the key prepared by the locksmith, always of their own floor or villa and may enter or leave the areas pools, in all and each one of the portals. They cannot however, with this key access to other buildings or blocks, offices or sites that do not have this training. A system that allows the division in a group of zones and where only open up the indicated by the Community of neighbors. You can count with a master key general, to open all groups if required.

Training in groups: This type of system divided into blocks, geographical areas, and class of facilities or plants the training. In this way is accessed only in the group with the corresponding master key and there is also a “grand master key”, which controls all the groups. It is a practical mechanism, because each owner account with your own key, which opens your group and can be created different subgroups depending on the needs. Used in companies with different departments, sections, or groups, are also of great practicality for municipalities, schools, hospitals, buildings with multiple locations, industrial buildings, and all site that requires it.

Training Crusader: also called great training, is the mechanism used for maximum complexity. To accomplish this Schlüsseldienst Berlin the locksmith qualified, will carry out a preliminary study of the conditions and plan the best way to ensure the operation of the system in optimal conditions.

The professionals of the sector of the locksmith, must always recommend according to the site where you will perform the training, what is the most appropriate system to facilitate the use of the same key to several people.

It is a very practical way and defendant in our days to increase security in businesses and communities, where it seeks greater protection to those who live or work.

Recommend to request a technical advice, in the place where the intention is to incorporate this system, to use the type of training most appropriate to each case in particular. Remember contact with professionals from the sector.